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East Coast Confidential 

"Truth Revealed, When You Want To Know"

​At East Coast Confidential our focus of specialization lies in surveillance. We provide a variety of services that are designed to fit the needs of our clients. Our investigative services are retained by attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the public.

​We specialize in domestic and family law investigations. We are a premier private investigation agency that specializes in family law investigations. Cheating spouse and child custody is our specialty! When you have a gut feeling or doubt, we provide peace of mind with a competitive price. In addition, offering self-defense, firearms training and we come to you if needed. Call for a FREE consultation (804) 869-2000 for a direct call to an investigator.   

​Family Law Investigations:
> Cheating and Infidelity Investigations
> Child Custody Investigations
> Alimony and Co-habitation Investigations
​ > Business Trip Surveillance
> High Profile Services
​ > Computer Forensic Examination

The Answer is Out There
When you are seeking answers, hiring a private investigator will help you find the answers you need when making important decisions and obtaining valuable evidence to better your chances of winning your case. 

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Please call us at (804) 869-2000 to discuss your requirements so that we can advise you on the best course of action based on the circumstances of your case. We can then provide you with a verbal or written quote.   

Investigative Services

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Services Offered:

> Surveillance
> Cheating Spouse
> Child Custody
> Teen Investigations
> Private Process Service
> Background Checks
> Self Defense
> ​And More Services..

"Truth Revealed, When You Want To Know"

Other Services:

> Personal Injury Investigations
> Insurance Fraud Defense
​> Accident Investigations and Photography
> Corporate Investigations/ Due Diligence
> Witness Statements
> Court Records
> Computer Forensics and Data Recovery
> Forensic Photography
> Teen Investigations
> Private Process Service
> Background Checks and Locates
> Debugging and Countermeasures
> Cell Phone Reversal
> P.O. Box Bust
​> SSN Verification
> Employment Screening
​> Criminal Backgrounds
> ​And More Services...

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