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Covert Video

​Our experienced male and female undercover operatives will enter into businesses and workplaces as a member of the workforce in order to gain information and obtain photographic and video evidence. They can also be placed in pubs, clubs, gyms or any location where there is the possibility that the cheating partner or spouse may be secretly meeting up with the person or persons they may be having an affair with.

Infidelity is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. Worse yet is not knowing if your spouse or partner is cheating on you. East Coast Confidential understands knows this is a difficult time for you and understands what you are going through, we are here for you.

You owe it to yourself to at least find out what is going on; you need to know whether or not your partner is cheating and lying to you. Otherwise you won’t be able to function; before you know it you won’t be able to concentrate at work, you will lose your appetite, and your health will begin to deteriorate. You might feel alone right now and have no one to turn to. If you are reading this then you are already taking strides to take action by learning the truth; we will be there for you even if you merely need someone to talk to. You are not alone and we will help you obtain the closure that you deserve.

Your partner probably has been playing you for a fool and thinks that you will never catch him/her. He/she is probably underestimating you and would never think that you would have it in you to hire a seasoned investigative agency to assist you in learning the truth. The hardest part is making the call; once you decide to hire us you are almost there; the truth is right around the corner. You will feel a weight has been lifted when you know that we are out there as your eyes and ears and it is then, your time to relax.

If it’s determined that cheating does exist it will be difficult at first but once you know what you are dealing with it only gets easier. The unknown is actually worse than knowing. There is no disputing video evidence and sometimes video is the only thing that will convince you that it is real and video is absolutely the only thing that will end the cheater’s lies. As a courtesy we provide our clients with a list of divorce attorneys for you to consult with. We are with you from the beginning to the end, every step of the way. 

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