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The owner of East Coast Confidential currently holds professional memberships with the following Private Investigation and Security associations as well as a current board member at the Department of Criminal Justice Services on the Private Security Services Advisory Board. 

Private Investigators Obtain Evidence That You Need

When your goal is to win we make sure that the evidence we obtain is the hardcore truth; the absolute fact. If your answer is out there, we get the truth and leave no stone unturned so that we may hand over hard evidence complete without any holes to show proof that cant be argued. Why show up with half of the truth when you are able to prove the entire truth and have the evidence to back it up.

We understand the background an attorney has when it comes to research and litigation experience. We also understand the frustration on seeking answers when you have reached your limit. Outsourcing services to a private investigator will lessen the load; that means devoting more time in the office and less time in the field. East Coast Confidential would like to be the company that handles all of your “out of office” needs. ECC holds a paralegal background and has an in-office Notary Public to expedite services

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ECC is well equipped to assist attorneys in criminal cases. If a client has been wrongfully accused our investigators work closely with the attorney and we use our combined skills and knowledge in the field to gather evidence needed to win that case. Sometimes all it takes is having a new set of eyes and expertise to comb through a crime scene or review documents. Do you need evidence to convince the judge to convict the other side? ECC will take care of that too. 

Call and speak with a licensed private investigator today! We offer great rates for our local attorneys and promise a professional, top notch service.

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Licensed through the Department of Criminal Justice Services, #11-5879, ECC provides service throughout the entire state of Virginia. Our main service areas are the city of Richmond and surrounding areas, Tri-Cities, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.